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1, 2, Tree!

You Pick & Flag, We Dig & Plant!

Would you like help doing your dirty work, with  assistance from our knowledgeable staff? 1-2- Tree is the answer for you!

Make an appointment for a 45 minute consultation with our expert staff. Our staff will walk the Garden Supply Company inventory with you, and advise you on what would work best for your property. 

Together we will select plants and trees that you would like installed on your property. Then we’ll provide a quote for delivery and installation. Garden Supply Company will provide the flags for you to take home and mark where you want your plants installed. Garden Supply Company will come out, install your plants, and warranty them for one full year!

  • Schedule your 45-minute individual appointment at Garden Supply Co.
  • Prepare by printing pictures of one project area or a main need such as foundation plantings, around your pool or patio, or screen plants. Please bring measurements of the area to the appointment.
  • Review and discuss your project plans with one of our gardening professionals.
  • Pick out your new plants or trees, plus receive an estimate for delivery and installation before you leave.
  • Pay for plants and Install, then take your flags home, mark your yard and let our team do the planting over the next few weeks.


Schedule 1-2-Tree


Do you have a design in mind for multiple areas or think you’ll need advice that goes beyond a 45 min appointment?  

Read what’s included in a Landscape Consultation by clicking below. Still not sure? Call our store during regular store hours at 919-460-7747 and we’ll help you determine the best route to a new landscape.


More About Landscape Consultations