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Annuals & Perennials

Purchase annuals & perennials in-store!

Add color and seasonal interest to your gardens, yard and landscape with annual and perennial plants grown for our area. 

Plants are annual or perennial in behavior depending on the climate in which they grow. Cary, NC is zone 7b gardening. 


Plant every year and grow only for a season or two, until they go to seed and die off with the first frost. Create an instant pop of color and layers of texture. 

We carry 4-pack, 6-pack and flats of annual bedding plants, 4-inch and 6-inch annual containers and multiple sizes of annual hanging baskets. Fill your container gardens with fresh annuals for the season. Grow edible gardens in ground, above ground or in containers.


They’re not dead! Just in a state of dormancy.

Plant one time with new growth year after year. These plants persist after a season’s rest. Mark perennial plants (an investment!) with labels so you know where to expect new growth each year. Many native and favorite pollinator plants are perennials.

Did you know we grow a vast selection of our perennials at our farm!? Our team of expert gardeners and growers start from seed and spend time caring for our plants until they’re grown to our high standards and made available to YOU! We generally *grow and stock 1Qt and 1# perennial plants, Stepable groundcovers, sun loving succulents, ornamental grasses, peonies, pollinator plants, attractive flowering plants and more. Come by the gardens and check out our plants for sun and shade.

*Inventory changes often and seasonally. 

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