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Edible Gardening

Grow Your Own Food!

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Grow vegetables and herbs, all year round! Visit us today and buy seeds, seedlings, starts & more for zone 7b gardening in Cary, NC. Create your own edible garden in-ground, above-ground or in-containers (or all of the above). 

Cool Season 

Warm Season

Perennial herbs & small shrubs

Seeds & seed starting products

We carry heirloom, organic and time-tested varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers too!

  • Soils & planting mixes
  • Trays & domes
  • Fertilizers & soil amendments
  • Grow lights
  • Grow kits
  • Gardening gloves
  • Plant protection
  • Pest management products

Check out our selection of raised garden beds and container gardens in store.

Garden bed compost & amendments

Amend garden beds with ⅓ natural soils, ⅓ compost and ⅓ cow manure.

Sprinkle BioTone root enhancing fertilizer in each planting hole.

Protect plants and enhance growth with products from our greenhouse.

Learn more about container gardening and some of the garden essentials we keep in-stock.

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