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Are you a backyard beekeeper? Want to attract more pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths? Learn how to provide forage and habitat to keep pollinators around!

Garden Supply Company is your one-stop beekeeping and pollinator support shop and the best place to find the plants you need.

Our gardeners and beekeeping consultation experts are ready to help you start a new garden by giving you on-site advice with plant layout and selection or assistance starting your hive. We’ll help you keep your bees and pollinators healthy and happy!

Book a consultation with our beekeeping consultant expert, Roger Montague. Consultations are $125 and last 30 to 60 min.

Check out our virtual BeeHub with short videos on topics meant assist local beekeepers or schedule a beekeeping consultation to see how we can help you individually.

Beekeeping & Pollinator Consultation