Nucleus Colonies

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Approximate 2024 pick up March 8-9. Pre-order now and reserve your bees. Starting off with a nucleus colony in early Spring is the simplest way to startup a new bee hive. Our Nucs are started with a new, 2024, Italian/Buckfast hybrid Queen, early and raised on a healthy, natural nectar source before we bring them into our yard. Questions? Call 919-460-7747 or email

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Pre-order now and reserve your bees.

Nucs include:

  • 5 deep frames
  • Actively laying unmarked queen
  • Brood in all stages of development
  • Strong existing colony of worker and drone bees
  • Ample stores of pollen and nectar/honey
  • Waxed cardboard or plastic Jester transport nuc box
  • Approximate pick up 3/11/2024.